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Laura Marano

    • Official collaboration with Laura Marano
    • Each print is hand signed by Laura Marano
    • Professionally printed with museum-grade ink on smooth, matte paper
    • 20 inches x 28 inches (50.8 centimeters x 71.1 centimeters)
    • $10 of each print goes directly to Childhelp
    • Each print is rolled by hand and arrives unframed in a unique, triangular box
    • Honesty – pure honesty – can be absolutely terrifying. I think of honesty as the ultimate layer of vulnerability, for the moment you are honest with someone, you open yourself to the possibility of pain. Not feeling understood or heard. However, being completely honest with someone, and having them be honest with you, gives you peace, sets you free, and allows a special type of love to take place. – Laura Marano

      • The print is on sale for exactly three weeks
      • At the end of the three weeks, each print is rolled by hand and placed in a triangular box. This process takes roughly a week. From there, the print leaves our hands and is sent your way!
      • $10 of each print goes directly to Childhelp