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A Good Print is just a piece of art and $10 from each one sold goes to a good cause. 

That’s all. 

We definitely don’t believe art has the ability to change the world. Our prints are not a way to show your love for your favorite musicians, athletes, and cultural icons. And there’s no chance we’ve worked through every little detail in the design, printing, and packaging to determine what turns a print into A Good Print.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll realize we like to have some fun. That being said, we’re serious when it comes to our prints and how they make the world a better place. That’s why $10 from each one goes to a good cause. None of this 10% of net proceeds nonsense – it’s a real, $10 bill.


Each print is on sale for a limited amount of time. At the end of the campaign, we individually number each print and roll it by hand. From there, it arrives at your door in a unique, triangular box. Round tubes roll off of doorsteps – told you we’ve thought of it all.

Hang it, frame it, put it up in your office or bedroom. Do whatever you want with it is as long as you own it with pride.

A Good Print is an opportunity to lift our faces away from our screens and appreciate the world around us. The art, the beauty, the moments that make our life what it is. So every time you see that big, bold color, that circle, that line, we hope you’ll remember that there’s beauty in simplicity, in thinking on your own.

So sure we could go into this whole diatribe (that’s a fancy word for a rant) about how the world needs to slow down and look up…or we could just tell you A Good Print is a piece of art and $10 from each one sold goes to a good cause.

That’s all.