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Copy of A Real Print

    • Professionally printed with museum-grade ink on smooth, matte paper
    • 20 inches x 28 inches (50.8 centimeters x 71.1 centimeters)
    • $10 of each print goes toward INSERT CAUSE WITH HYPERLINK HERE
    • Each print is individually numbered, rolled by hand, and arrives unframed in a triangular box
    • Free shipping on all U.S. orders
  • The internet is like a giant orgy…you have your slutty Susans, your first-time Freds, and your ten-second Terrys. I like to bring the rosé to these Internet orgies. No in all seriousness, some orgies are more about the nachos than the pink stuff, if you will. I know you will because that’s how we roll. We stay away from the fluffy stuff and go straight for the goods. This print is good. In fact, it’s A Good Print. If you cop one of these, you’ll get to look at me all day while you’re at your desk crunching numbers or in your kitchen crushing shrimp fried rice. The point is that we could all use a reminder to take life a little less seriously. After all, there’s so much funny shit that we can see if we just open our eyes. In summation, I’d like to thank the Academy, the people, and the pink.

    • The print is on sale for exactly 10 days
    • Each print is individually numbered — that means there will never be a print that’s exactly like yours
    • At the end of the 10 days, each print is rolled by hand and placed in a triangular box. This process takes roughly a week. From there, the print leaves our hands and is sent your way!
    • $10 of each print goes toward INSERT CAUSE. Learn more about the difference you're making at INSERT CAUSE HYPERLINK HERE.