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Cris Cyborg

    • Professionally printed with museum-grade ink on smooth, matte paper
    • 20 inches x 28 inches (50.8 centimeters x 71.1 centimeters)
    • $10 of each print goes directly to Fight For the Forgotten
    • Each print is individually numbered, rolled by hand, and arrives unframed in a triangular box
    • Fighting is a blessing. It’s a blessing that has given me the ability to compete and travel all around the world. Seeing so much out there has opened my eyes to the dangers that exist right next to our communities. All of us together have to do something. Cyborg Nation is a powerful one. If we join forces, we can create an unstoppable army capable of fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves. Instead of fighting against the world, our battle is a simple one – to change the world. –Cris Cyborg

      • The print is on sale for exactly 10 days
      • Each print is individually numbered — that means there will never be a print that’s exactly like yours
      • At the end of the 10 days, each print is rolled by hand and placed in a triangular box. This process takes roughly a week. From there, the print leaves our hands and is sent your way!
      • $10 of each print goes directly to Fight For the Forgotten